VRA Invitational 2022

Updated: Jan 13

The VRA invitational was an invitation only event for Virginia players to come and put their skills to the test. Some of the top players from the state including Joe Bondi, Will Picione , and a recently relocated Grant Laughlin were there to show their skills.

The Draft

Unlike most tournaments, the VRA Invitational was not a "pick your own partner" style event. The top six players were ranked as team captains and got to choose their teams going from sixth to first in a snake style draft until all the players were picked. After that, it was up to the captains to put together their teams.

Pool Play

The day started with three pools. One team from every squad to decide the seeds for the solos part of the event. After a fast paced first half of the day, our first podium was set. 1.) Laruffa/Brock, 2.) Picone/Raker, 3.) Latham/Raber. Heading into the squads half of the day, the seeds were decided from the teams placement from the first half of their day.


The squads seeding was decided by the teams placement on the front half of the day. The top two teams getting a buy, while the other teams would go head-to-head to move on. For this the "A" team would play the "A" team and so forth for the rest of the squads. After a long day, Brayden Latham and Andrew Raber took game three against Joe Bondi and Adin Klassen to secure the win for their squad. Squads placement, 1.) Latham, 2.) Bondi 3.) Laruffa.

Personal Thoughts

First of all I want to thank and recognize all the organizations that make up the VRA and have made events like this possible - Virginia Beach Roundnet, Williamsburg Roundnet, Richmond Roundnet, and Norfolk Roundnet. This event was awesome and a great change of pace from our usual events. I look forward to competing in more events like this.

Upcoming Events

January 22 - Norfolk Roundnet, New Year Classic 2022

January 25 - Norfolk Roundnet, Spikers Scramble

February 12 - Richmond Roundnet, Va is for Lovers

February 25 - Norfolk Roundnet, Spike Clinic with Preston Bies

February 26 - Norfolk Roundnet, Be My Spikentine 2022

March 6 - Williamsburg Roundnet, Spike for the Cure Take 2

March 26 - James River High, Roundnet for Rapids

Signing off for now,

Samuel Corey Roundnet

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