Are you an experienced roundnet player or have you never played before? Either way, it doesn't matter to us!

Norfolk is home to the most premier roundnet organization in all Hampton Roads, Virginia! We officially established in June of 2021 with small pickup games on the beach in Ocean View, Virginia. Our goal is to grow the sport and provide activity for all ages and skill levels. Over the time we have been an active club, we have been hard at work! We are partnered with organizations like Spikeball and the American Youth Spikers League to bring our community top-tier roundnet action. Resulting from our dedication to creating the best experiences possible, we have achieved the recognition of both Spikeball Education Specialist and Spikeball Ambassador Organization in 2021. We view these honors as not only a huge advancement for our club, but also as a serious responsibility to our city. With these achievements, we can support our community in forging the ultimate roundnet club for both kids and adults. 

We get to teach roundnet to students in their physical education classes all over Hampton Roads, absolutely free, as one of the few certified Spikeball Education Specialists (SES). We take this responsibility seriously and are extremely proud of the opportunity. We are always looking for schools, teachers, and parents to get involved. If you are interested in talking to our training team, send us an email today!

Are you a student interested in starting a club at your school? We can help with that too! Send us an email and we'll get you started.

Be sure to follow us on our social media platforms to stay "in the hoop"! Chances are, our next event is right around the corner.


To bring Hampton Roads together through competition and fun.


To help roundnet become the next great global sport.


1. Have fun.

2. Be trustworthy.

3. Be committed.

4. Always be learning.

5. Be proactive.

6. Be positive.

7. Be inclusive.

8. Own it.

9. Don't be a jerk.